2010 KOTESOL International Conference


Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 08:00


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The Pan-Asian Consortium of   Language   Teaching Societies

The 2010 PAC-KOTESOL International Conference

Advancing ELT in the Global Context

October 16-17, 2010

Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

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Conference  Main  - this page. If you get lost, just come back here.

Conferen ce Aims  - this provides details of what this conference is about, why the theme was chosen and how you would benefit from attending.

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Venu e Information  - For information about the venue, how to get there, where to stay and where to eat.

Presenter  Advisory  - This contains a guide for conference presenters as well as instructions for what to do on arrival.

Special  Events  - There will be many cultural events during the weekend as well as the Asian Youth Forum and a Saturday night banquet. The details of these events are here.

Conference  Volunteers  - For students and teachers in Korea who would like to help out on the day.

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Q: Where can I get information about the invited speakers?
A:   Click here

Q: Is lunch included in the pre-registration or in the on-site registration price?

A: No. You will have the option of deli sandwiches (Suji’s), Mexican food (Tomatillo) and Korean food (Hansot). You will have the chance to visit the food booths near the registration in the morning. There will be a certain time you need to order by to ensure your delivery. Prices will vary.

Q: What if I do not order my lunch in time? Can I still order from the same venues?

A: No. In order to give the restaurants sufficient time to prepare every order, if you do not make a request by the given time, you cannot order from them anymore.

Q: Are there any restaurants or cafés near the venue?

A: Yes. There is a fairly good selection of restaurants and cafés in the area. Cuisine varies to include Korean, Italian, fast food and delis. There is also a Starbucks down the road from the venue.

Q: I am not a KOTESOL member. Can I still attend the conference?

A: Yes. We encourage everyone wishing to attend the conference to become a member and enjoy the benefits as one; however, it is still possible to come to the conference as a non-member.

Q: Are the conference fees different for KOTESOL members and for regular attendees?

A: Yes. The fees are:

KOTESOL members
pre-registration: 40,000 won 
on-site registration: 50,000 won

KOTESOL non-members 
pre-registration:  65,000 won
on-site registration :  75,000 won

Q: Can I become a KOTESOL member at the conference? What does it cost?

A: Yes. There will be a KOTESOL table in the main hall where the publishers are. Membership costs are as follows:
1 year membership: 40,000 won 
International membership: 60,000won
Lifetime membership: 400,000 won

Q: What accommodation is available for attendees? Are they near to the conference venue?

A: There are various motels, hotels, and “one-room” options available around the conference venue. Some are within walking distance and others are a short taxi or subway ride away.  Click here for some recommendations.

Q: Do I need to find accommodations myself?

A: Yes. High-end hotels (e.g. Hilton, Ramada, Hyatt etc.) can be booked on-line and in advance. Other lower-end hotels and motels may not take advanced reservations therefore need to be booked upon arrival. Tourist booths at both the airports (Incheon and Gimpo) and at Seoul train station will have more information on where to stay.  Click here for some recommendations.

Q: I don’t understand the venue map and have trouble finding the presentation rooms. Who can I ask for help?

A: Any of the student volunteers wearing  a KOTESOL volunteer can help you. Members of the International Conference Committee can also help (just look for people using walkie-talkies).

For more information about the venue, accommodation, etc…  Click here.

Q:  Are there any special events during the conference?

A:  To make the Conference as welcoming and culturally enriching as possible, there will be a few games booths for jaegi-chagi (shuttlecock kicking), fan painting, gonggi (Korean jacks), and a chopstick skills contest.

In addition, there is the Asian Youth Forum running concurrently at Sookmyung Women’s University

For more information about the special events,  click here.

Saturday October 16th, 2010:




 Registration Opens


 20 Concurrent Presentations


 20 Concurrent Presentations


 Opening Ceremony


 1st Plenary




 3 Featured Presentations


 20 Concurrent Presentations


 3 Featured Presentations


 2nd Plenary


 Plenary Panel


 Conference Reception

 (sponsored by Cambridge University Press)


 Banquet -  click here for more details  

Sunday October 17th, 2010:




 Registration Opens / Breakfast Meetings


 20 Concurrent Presentations


 3 Featured Presentations


 20 Concurrent Presentations




 3rd Plenary


 20 Concurrent Presentations


 20 Concurrent Presentations


 KOTESOL Annual Business Meeting