112th Seoul Critical Mass bike ride


Saturday, August 21, 2010 - 16:00


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Critical Mass is an "organised coincidence", but tends to follow the same pattern each month:

- Main ride starts at 4pm from Gwanghwamun (full details via link below)
- Break at the Seoul Museum of History (assuming decent turnout)
- Finish in Yeouido at the riverside
... - Stand around in a circle and applaud (it's a Korean thing)

The ride is about 13km and goes at a slow pace. It's best if you're accustomed to riding on city roads, especially when the turnout is low.

If you've been wondering how to get to the start of the main ride at Gwanghwamun with your bike, there is a solution. This month there will be an additional meeting point in Yeouido at 3pm. It's really easy to find from the riverside, see the Google map below.

A map of the key locations including the additional Yeouido starting point:


Please feel free to email [email protected] if you need additional directions.

The main ride starts at 4pm -- this is the meeting point, at the location of the marker: http://tinyurl.com/342b9wr

If you can get your bike onto a train, there are three nearby stations:
경복궁 / Gyeongbokgung on line 3
광화문 / Gwanghwamun on line 5
종각 / Jonggak on line 1 (actually, maybe City Hall 시청 is better)

View of the entrance to the area where the ride meets up:

The ride starts at 4pm (or a bit later) and ends an hour or two later at the riverside in Yeouido.