11-11-11 @ Benchwarmers


Friday, November 11, 2011 - 21:30


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Tomorrow we will be celebrating the biggest pepero day that any of us will PROBABLY be alive for. Starting at 9:30-2:00, anyone who closes out a game of 901 (not 701) on the dartboard will recieve a free beer. Teams are acceptable, but here is the catch. There MUST be three people/teams playing at the same time. The team who wins has the option of keeping the board. If you or your team loses, you must give up your spot if other people are wanting to play. Also, at 11:11, anyone who wants one will recieve a free shot of wells whiskey. From 11:11-12:00 all wells mixed drinks are 2,000. We realize that this is a very short notice, but we hope you guys can come by, shoot some darts, and have a good time. Also, please remember that this month is Movember. So if you're feeling guilty about only paying 2,000 a drink, please toss in $1 or $2 in the Cancer Research Fundraiser Bucket. Larger donations are of course acceptable as well.