10th Thursday party Grand Opening in Nampodong


Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 18:00


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On the first day of December, the 10th Thursday Party will have its grand opening in Busan. 
(Opening party continues until this weekend)
To celebrate, Please visit!

We are opening our 10th Thursday party in Nampodong a city of cultural tourism.
Nampodong is popular with lots of tourist attractions including BIFF street in the theater district, . 
famous food alleys, and the Jagalchi seafood market
New store has foosball,darts, beerpong plus many more activities with kicking music.

Our General Manager is Kay. 
He has been working for Thursday Party Kyung sung univ for a long time.
Kay is very passionate and a pleasant fellow.

Nampo will be a great place where you can relax, kick back and meet cool people.
Lets have a blast together.

To celebrate, Please visit!
Kay and Il Bum(Jacky) are waiting for you !!!
Besides, the opening night, all your favorite general managers are going to be there for a PARTY.
'DJ' Pobby, 'darling' Fiona, 'fashionable' Miru 'crazy girl' Atom, 
'Best cook' Serry, 'Cute' Ray, 'Legend' Gucci and 'Kind' Kay, 'nice guy' Jack and 'lovely girl' Windy, 'shy boy' Martin , 'good boy' Jun-Ha.
We'll waiting for you.
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