✵ ROUND ROBIN @ Freebird ✵


Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 23:00


- All the bands set up at the same time along the perimeter of the room with the audience in the center
- Each band does one song at a time, no breaks, back to back to back etc, until the show is completed
- There is no headliner or opener, no front row or back of the room

Six master PA cabinets, 12 amps, 3 Drum Sets, 44 cables, hundreds of ears.

11:00PM @ Freebird

15,000W ADVANCE  / 20,000W DOOR

For presale tickets,

wire money to : Shin Han Bank 100-026-821308 Acct name: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼)
After wiring, send an email to [email protected] with: 1. your name 2. number of tickets 3. amount sent

티켓 예매: 허지영(수퍼컬러수퍼) / 신한 100-026-821308

입금 후 [email protected] 으로: 1. 이름 2. 참조 번호 3. 티켓 구매 수와 금액에 대한 정보를 보내주십 시오.

* Presale ends May 13     * No Refunds / 환불 불가능 합니다     * No Minors / 미성년자 입장불가