☆Reggae Dancehall Party Vol. 4☆


Saturday, January 30, 2016 - 21:00


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Wow!! Vol. 3 was a big hit!! We appreciate everyone who showed up! If you missed the last one, don't worry we got you!! Don't miss out, January, 30th 2016. Reggae Dancehall Vol. 4!! Share the poster on the page for your chance to win a FREE Hookah! Winners will be announced at the party!!

Sounds by
DJ Shon (Jamaica)
Jeremius1 (USA)
Damaakis (Uganda)

공짜 물담배 기회를 엿보시려면 게시물을 공유해주세요! 위너는 파티에서 발표 될 예정입니다 ! 밤 12시 즈음에 공짜 술!! 무료 입장!!

이태원역 3번 출구에서 직진 던킨도너츠 골목으로 들어가면 맞은편 세븐일레븐 바로옆건물 2층

Go straight out of Exit 3. Pass Dunkin Donuts & Mr. Kebab cross over you will see a 7/11 and Club Zion. Flow is on the 2F. 

연락처 Contact 01034993627

RSVP HERE https://www.facebook.com/events/1630096053921907/