Saturday, February 5, 2011 - 22:00


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Party Definitions Presents: BACK TO THE BASICS (HIP-HOP GATHERING)

On Saturday, February 5th, Party definitions presents: The Original "BACK 2 THE BASICS" HIP-HOP gathering at DGBD (Drug Club) in Hongdae. We are bringing to you the real definition of HIP-HOP by taking you BACK 2 THE BASICS where HIP-HOP started. *Early Arrival Suggested* 

2월5일 토요일,홍대 DGBD (Drug Club)에서 열리는 Party definitions presents : The Original "BACK 2 THE BASICS" HIP-HOP gathering 파티!진정한 의미의 힙합을 "BACK 2 THE BASICS"에서 알려드립니다! 성인입장만 가능, 일찍 오실수록 좋습니다.

What is Hip Hop? 힙합이란?

Hip-Hop is the form of music expression and artistic culture that originated in Black communities during the 1970s in New York City. The four elements of Hip-hop are MCing, DJing, breaking and graffiti. Other elements include beatboxing. Since its emergence in New York, Hip-hop culture has spread all around the world.

힙합은 음악표현의 종류로 1970년 뉴욕 흑인사회에서 비롯된 예술적인 문화입니다.힙합의 4가지 요소는 Mcing,DJing,breaking,graffiti(엠씨.디제이.브레이크댄스.낙서.)그리고 비트박스입니다.뉴욕에서 발생된 이후로 힙합문화는 전세계로 퍼져나갔습니다.

Hip-Hop in Korea 한국의 힙합*

Hip-Hop spread to Korea in the early 90's. MCing, Djing, Graffiti and especially breaking. Korea has made a name for themselves all around the world with their international breaking competiton R16 and world championships since 2002.

힙합은 90년대 초에 한국에 번졌습니다. 엠씨.디제이.낙서 그중에 브레이크댄스. 한국은 2002년부터 고유의 이름을 만들어 국제적인 브레이크댄스 대회 R16을 개최하고 있습니다. 


What to Expect?

Artwork: Chad, Adam & Klepto

Free Hand Graffiti: Klepto

Break Dancing: B.Boy & B.Girl Crews

Beatbox Battle

MCs: DA, Sammy Clay, Infinite & Klepto

Open Mic/Rap Battles (all artists are welcomed)

Djs/Turtablism by The One Russtafari – Old School /Golden Era Hip Hop 


*Date: Saturday, February 5th *파티날짜: 2월 5일 토요일

*Time: 10:00PM - 5:00AM *파티시간: 저녁10시~ 아침 5시

*ENTRY FEE: 10,000won (+1FD) *입장료: 10000원 (음료1 잔 무료)

★Guest List(free admission to the party if you join Party Definitions community or group page, message us or send email to be on the list)Open till 11:00PM★ 

Party definitions 그룹 페이지에 가입하시거나, 메시지나 이메일을 보내주시면 오후 11시까지 무료입장입니다.

Artists who are interested in participating leave a message below.
참여를 원하는 아티스트분들은 메세지를 남겨주세요!

For Table Reservations or more information please contact [email protected]

Call/Text: 010-4115-5905 (Ferrolino)/010.9093.3988(ICONZ) for more info.


More Info Coming Soon!!
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