Ziplining in Bul Jeong Dong, Mungyeong

Does anyone know anything about the Ziplining in Mungyeong?

I've heard about it but can't find a lot of info online. 

Prices, locations (can I get there by bus or train from Busan?), about the lines, etc.

Please let me know if you have any info or know where I can find some. Thanks.

Sounds fun, so investigated

Sounds fun, so investigated it myself. Here's what I found.

Their website is all in Koeran, but here is what I can deduce.  Cost is 50 bucks for the day, 10 % discount if you have a group of ten or more. They appear to be open from 9-5 in low season and till 6 in high season.

They only give directions by car, if you have one it's off route 45. If not, I noticed on Naver maps that there is a bus and train station. I guess you would get the KTX to Daegu and then a local train from there. The main station is called Jeomchon (점촌) 

You can book online, it requires signing up, but it does appear that they accept foreign ID numbers.

Website :

Telephone: 1588 5219