Where can I find free tennis court & partner in Suyeong or Gwanganli?

I am trying to organize tennnis club to play together on weekend but it is very hard to find partner and court accessable easily from subway station.

Any information would be great. Any one who want to join is also welcome.


There are decent courts at the park near igidae (near Gwanganli).  I suggest trying to play during the week when the courts wont be packed.  If you go on the weekend you'll be forced to play doubles.  I'm looking for a partner for Thursday mornings.  If you want to play Thurs mornings send me a txt.  010-3872-2621.  Nick.


I am fine to play Thursday morning. Please send the location and time and date again.

My contact is [email protected] 010 5193 8687


KSU, PKNU, Haeundae, Gwanganli, Namku, Suyeong, Centum

Hi everyone,

Finally, I found the court for you.

Please take a look my tennis sport organization on this site. 

Name: Busan Expat Tennis Club.(BETC)

Place: Igidae park

Time: every weekend(sat, sun) 12:00

There are 5 courts and back board for your stroke. It is very nice facility.

Wearing teniss shose, bring racket and ball plus personal usage.

No fee at all.

City buses: 20, 22, 24, 27, 39, 131, maeul bus 2-1

Just come over and try.

Welcome every one from begineers to advance players.

* I will load up pictures soon

I was playing single with Tom from Seattle last saturday and invited to play double game with local people. It was great time. We won. 

Also, I played last thursday single game with Nick from Toronto, who let me know to find this court. It was great time with him single and double game with local people.

We defeated both double games because of  team. We are not good player but enough to enjoy for fun.

Please come over noon time whoever to join this club.

It is good time for tanning and tennis.

No fee at all, just bring racket, shoes, ball, water.

Beginner is also welcome. Thare are  two pratice backboards to heat a  ball by yourself.

It is great court.

I attached pictures for courts on directory listing of this site.

Hope to see you this weekend 12 o'clock.