Where can I find a big can of Tuna?

Does anyone know where to find the industrial size cans of Tuna that the 김밥천국s use? They look like a half gallon or so. any information would be helpful. 

Re: Where can I find a big can of Tuna?

Most supermarkets have a section for the catering industry. In Megamart it is pretty much the first bunch of shelves on your right hand side a little bit up from the health / multivitamin section. Pretty sure they have them there.

update: was just in Megamart, the aforementioned 1.8kg ones were the biggest they had. Thought they had bigger. Still, it's a lot of tuna!

Re: Where can I find a big can of Tuna?

Can't believe such a question.  Got a 1.8kg tin in my cupboard - frightens me to open it!  Like mattsid said, its a huge amount of tuna!  I do not know if you were joking when u asked this but enen my local corner store has 1.8kg tins!  Is it possible sharks?  dolphins now post here?  Not sure what else eats tuna, bears? nope thats salmon umm...no lost