waxing in busan?

 I'm looking for a beauty salon in Busan that does waxing (eyebrows, bikini etc.)

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Yep, that's a problem

Yep, that's a problem here.

Have to go to Seoul or start up a business yourself!!

So women don't get eyebrows done here?? I mean they are so beauty conscious in other ways it's surprising!!

The new thing out is some

The new thing out is some kind of tattoo. You might want to inquire abut this.

I think it's called 눈섭문신....I could be wrong about the 섭 part. It might be 셥.

Waxing in Seoul

Unfortunately, there is not a (known) place in Busan to get a wax.  However, you can go to Seoul.  There is a place in Itaewon called "The Green Turtle." 

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Salon advice!

I haven't been to this place yet but it got good reviews AND does all of the appropriate waxing and seems to have nice prices. The website's English is decent too. It's called New York Skin and Body massage. http://newyorkmassage.weebly.com/


The website has directions, prices, info, pictures and contact information. Hope that helps!

I haven't been to New york

I haven't been to New york massage, but my friend has and has good things to say about it. I also know one of the owners so maybe bias!

A place in Sajik...

I know of a waxing place in Sajik.  It's a nail salon who said she does eyebrows, bikini, etc.  She has spent time in Canada and can speak English really well.  I have only gotten my nails done though.  The place was clean and really nice but it was a bit pricey.  Feel free to call for directions if interested.  010-2498-4711

Re: waxing in busan?

has anyone tried that new place called BEWITCHED that adverises with busanhaps?  anyone had a positive or negativeto experience there?  they had a kind of review on the busanhaps page, but that is just one person's experience.  thanks

Re: waxing in busan?

i've been to bewtiched 4 times now and absolutely love it. i haven't used their waxing services but my friend has and she was really happy with the results.

Re: waxing in busan?

might i recommend that you find another hair removal method? i waxed for years until i ripped my skin one day doing it myself (don't think i was pulling correctly) but nevertheless, i have a war wound i'm not too proud of! if you can afford it, i'd recommend laser hair removal or electrolysis. after reading this site on hair removal, i decided to go with electrolysis and haven't looked back!

Re: waxing in busan?

Bewitched is really amazing. It's right outside of the Gwangan subway stop and she does the most thorough and lasting wax I've ever had! One reason is they use hard wax which the Green Turtle does NOT. (Hard wax is easier on your skin and more effective at removing hair from the root, not breaking it off.)

They offer packages to save some money and the waxer's partner in business gives really nice massages and facials. The salon is a small and cozy office-tel -- Maybe that's why it feels like home?!

Bewitched in Busan Haps

Re: waxing in busan?

usually nail salons do waxing here. if you live close to nampo there's a nail shop called "the nail salon" that does it. it's off the women's shopping alley, on a side street. look for avenue 24 and make a left. it's just a couple of doors down. the esthetican is really nice, although her english is limited.

Re: waxing in busan?

There is a professional & good brazilian waxing shop, " House Waxing"  in HaeUnDae,

JangSan Subway Station near Exit 14(Brazilian, Bikini, Legs, Arms, Eyebrows, and etc).

Now we're doing 50% discount opening event until 15th Mar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as below.

Cel: 010-4120-9433

Mail: [email protected]

Homepage: www.housewaxing.com

Blog: http://blog.naver.com/housewaxing?Redirect=Log&logNo=120153747903