Vegemite in Busan?

My boyfriend the Aussie is in dire need of some Vegemite and I haven't found any yet. Does anyone know where I can find some here in Busan? I don't want to go to Seoul just to get some for him... Marmite would be an acceptable substitute. Thanks!

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As a Vegemite fan myself I can tell you it definitely doesn't exist in Busan. The only place I know of in Korea where you can get it is the Asian supermarket in Itaewon in Seoul, next to What the Book. As for Marmite, I haven't seen it anywhere in Korea.

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The old what the book has closed and moved to a new location. The big Asian food mart  is up the infamous "hooker hill." The new what the book is on the main street.

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Sad! I guess he'll just have to wait until the next trip to Seoul! Thanks anyway!

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Of course if you know anyone in Australia or The U.K you could get some shipped. It's available in a squeezy tube nowadays so it should cut down on the weight a bit.

Is it widely available in the States and Canada? I presume not since my Canadian friend is always asking me for Marmite when I go back home!

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Am afraid you'll be out of luck. Have scoured all over Korea for the same stuff. I ended up getting a couple of jars sent over from NZ. Two jars cost $40 NZD to get here. Pretty valuable stuff. You mentioned Seoul, where in Seoul can you get it? I tried but couldn't find it.

If he's prepared to come to Ulsan sometime, will be happy to do some toast and vegemite to satisfy a fix.



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The Asian grocers in Itaewon (up hooker hill, as one other poster accurately pointed out), had in tubes last time I was there.

To get there go to Itaewon and take exit 3 and walk straight. Take your first right turn, just after Dunkin Donuts and walk up the hill, it's on your left towards the top. Don't be put up by the 'Hooker Hill' part either. I think they sleep during the day, and the area is perfectly safe.

Here is a map. The blue arrow marks the spot


Here is a picture of it

the main street is behind to your left.

Of course you might want to phone before going there. Phone number on sign says 02-793-0082, place is called 'Foreign Food Mart. Who knows they might deliver as well!





Re: Vegemite in Busan?

It's been 2 years since we've last been here so I didn't know What The Book? had moved! Thanks for the info! I think we might be going to Seoul next weekend so I'll have a look around. My bf says there used to be an Aussie food shop in Seoul (maybe it's not there anymore?) but he refuses to go there on principle (says the owner is a jerk). We might have to just order some if we can't find it next weekend. It's not a vegemite emergency but I know he'd like some. :)