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Wondering if anyone knows of an English speaking travel doctor in Busan-  Need to get some vaccines before heading to SE Asia.


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There's a travel clinic in DongA Hospital in Gudeok.  I'm not sure if they speak English but they have a foreigners desk, and they will go in with you to translate.  Alternatively, I think you can assume that most major hospitals have the same service. 

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hey there, I found it really hard to find a hospital that gives travel vaccines in Busan.  I eventually went to the Pusan National University Hospital in Yangsan (last stop on green subway line) to get my tetanus and hep. shots.  If you find the same problem I did, take a korean friend with you and head to Yangsan. You shoudnt need an appointment but it would be better to call ahead (ph. 1577-7512)

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You need to check the website and see what the requirements and recommendations are for the country where you are going to.

The  family medicine doctor at Dongeui hospital in Yang-jeong dong near city hall  prescribes some vaccinations and for more information please contact at this number,010-9457-8941(RN. the English coordinator)

Hepatitis A, B, Typhoid vaccinations and  Malaria pills  are available at Dongeui hospital.

*Yellow fever, Cholera: Busan Quarantine Injection Roon-051-462-3505

*Rabies:  Dong-A university hospital -051-240-5029