Time Magazine: Should Foreign Teachers Be Tested for HIV?

Time Magazine revisits the issue of foreign teachers singled out for aids testing, raising the issue of xenophobia again. Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the United Nations, has called for abolishment of the program.

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Re: Time Magazine: Should Foreign Teachers Be Tested for HIV?

it's koreas own fault really, as with most countries, when economies boom, shortcuts are taken. and the result is crumbling department stores, bridges collapsing etc.  and perhaps the economy no longer can feed the beast of greed. salaries haven't increased in 10 years. hogwon tuitions have gone up astronomically i suspect. and like teachers salaries, parents are probably strapped to send kids to the "best schools". the exchange rate is horrible. wasn't too great in 1998 either. but hell of a lot better than now.

its is a twisted logic that allows  "entertainment" workers to skirt past a medical test. but perhaps its a secret plot by the korean powers that be that if they let infected entertainment workers past, they'll infect the undesirable. i jest, i don't really think that, just a  late night conspiracy bug talking in my ear.

we live in a knowledge accessible age today. that people believe certain people are carriers of some yucky germs based on xenophobic tendencies is immature, ignorant, and just plain not nice. 

it is however good practice to insure ones own survival from a darwinian point of view. in this hedonistic world.

Re: Time Magazine: Should Foreign Teachers Be Tested for HIV?

Salaries have gone up nominally, I certainly make more now than I did in 2002 but that salary's purchasing power might not have kept up with current prices so Travis might have a good point there. 

He is also correct about the exchange rate, and I think that this is the only reason why a mass exodus of unemployed Americans has not reached this place. How can you really make a dent in $70,000 worth of student loans when you make the same here grinding kids classes as an unemplomyed person collecting a check back home? Also the gov't interest free allowances for the unemployed grads and other bullshit programs which makes me dependant.

I think we have too much knowledge at our fingertips, there is too much information if you ask me, most of it mis-information or half truths and I long for the days of my old set of encyclopedia.

As for testing E2 people, sure..as long as you give the same test to all the koreans in America. I mean my country stopped granting unwed korean women visas because a huge percentage of them were becoming prostitutes for christ sakes, hahaha the irony.  

Re: Time Magazine: Should Foreign Teachers Be Tested for HIV?

Personally, I do not care if they want to test me as long as my school pays for it. Kind of strange for a F2 visa person to test every year, though, as basically they are saying maybe I cheated (but my wife did not so she does not need testing at her work place) which is kind of prejudiced/warped thinking but that is Korea. We have never been treated equally here but nor do people who go back to North America. 'Random' selection is just one example.

And as for the remark about prostitutes, my wife (fiance at the time) was pulled aside by Canadian immigration and grilled for 3 hours about why she was in Canada. I was interviewed and then finally we were peppered with questions together. I got so fed up I demanded they call my parents (where we were staying) and get this matter solved. Here, I fly right through immigration. We are here not to be treated equally but to make money and if you are doing that mission accomplished; everything else is just ignorant BS but that is life. If you are here looking for equality-do not even bother to keep looking and move on.