Things Korea does better...

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Things Korea does better...

I'm moving next week and am very impressed by the cost and efficiency of the moving services (they do the packing and unpacking). 

It got me thinking, as much as we bitch about the things Korea has gotten wrong, they do some things right such as:


Cutting meat with scissors

Bank transfers/Paying Bills

Food Delivery


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Re: Things Korea does better...
Being able to get a handyman/repairman to come within hours and charge very reasonable prices. 
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Re: Things Korea does better...

Compared to pretty much every western countries, Korea is faster and more efficient on most things (I know that sounds a bit over, but I'm serious, I live in Canada and here things are ridiculously slow). This is in part because companies and the government agencies actually care about complaints, and Koreans like things to be done FAST.

So whether it be the opening of a bank account (don't worry about waiting 2 weeks to receive your card by "mail", they make the cards on site, in front of you), or ordering anything over the internet (basically at your door the next business day), or depositing money in an ATM (yes, here the ATM is intelligent enough to count the money by itself, no need to put it in an envelope...), or getting a bus or a taxi, or installing an internet connection (also same or next day), pretty much everything is way more convenient.

Another thing I love about Korea is that everything seems reasonably priced, and that may be due in part to the high degree of competition (but that certainly doesn't explain the whole story). Yet you also have access to a wide range of products for a wide range of budgets. But in general, especially when we look at restaurants, home supplies stores, convenience stores (don't you love the 1500W liter of beer?), general events/expos/shows, tourist attractions, and so on, you just get more for your money. Hey, for Christ sake, I live in Vancouver and you know what, to register for a 9 kilometer run (kind of a marathon event), you have to PAY 40$!! Or to enjoy a visit at the gardens, another 20$ (per person). That kind of ridiculous high prices are hard to find in Korea, especially for family stuff.

Another thing Koreans make better is technology. It's all in the details, but it makes a big difference. From paying your meal by swiping your cellphone, or by drinking from the automatic water fountain or pressing the button to open the slide door, everything seems more advanced technologically (did I mention the ATMs?).

I could go on... but I'll stop here. :)  Anyway, as they say, there's always two sides to a medal. But when you look at it, Korea, in my opinion, certainly has a lot to offer.

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Re: Things Korea does better...
i think they do better at keeping bars open until near sunrise.  i have had better kimchi, though
Paul Gaasenbeek
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Re: Things Korea does better...
for me number one is the service at the airports. the secuirty is fast, the lines at immigration move quickly and the bags come righ away. go to toronto and you wait an hour to check in, 20 minutes for secuity and an hour for your bags. and as well you are always waiting for a gate once you land and taxi. they say we are waiting on another plane but the reality is there are plenty of gates-just no one to work them. all services here are pretty good and cheap. cost us 500 to move a 3bedroom place-this with them packing, unpacking, putting up our curtains and so on. very good! nice thread prof cross!
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Re: Things Korea does better...

Health care (compared to the UK)

Agreed on moving house. But also finding a new house. Get notice to quit on Monday; Find new place to live on Tuesday; Contact movers on Wednesday; Sign Papers, pay all bills and move house on Thursday!

Public Transport

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Re: Things Korea does better...

good call on the scissors..thought of that many times myself..

cooking your own food at restaurants.

super cheap baseball games.

good street food

and most importantly (at least as an American) NO guns in the hands of Joe Citizen.

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Re: Things Korea does better...

My favorite thing has got to be call buttons on the tables at restaurants.  I hate going home and having to wait until the waiter/waitress decides to check up, or having the waiter/waitress hover around the whole time you eat.  The call button seems so obvious.  

They've also mastered some amazing ways to keep large amounts of beer very cold.  My favorite are the dry ice pitchers that shoot steam out the top.

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Re: Things Korea does better...

Roughly Half-price movie theaters Real coal BBQ in the restaurant (so you don't have to clean up!), Much Higher % of attractive women, Safe hooligans, You can drive without constantly looking over your shoulder for traffic police. Cherry blossoms FTW! Cheap liquor I'll keep thinking.

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Re: Things Korea does better...
Cheap food was always a thing I loved about Korea. Especially around any university. There's not many developed countries you have a spread that fills the table for around 3 bux. Public transportation and the affordable cab rides are awesome. Cheap drinks on the night out of course. One thing negative though are the ridiculous mark ups that clothing retailers place on their products. Especially in the department stores. 200K for a Ralph Lauren Oxford? I can get my parents to buy one and mail it to me for under 50USD.