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*sets down soapbox, and steps up on it* *agha ghem*

One of my hobbies here is tea. Once a month or more I go tea shopping in Nampodong and over the summer I bring my portable tea set and do the picnic thing. If anyone is interested in doing a monthly Sunday tea (when the weather warms up some), do check us out on Facebook. Events will be posted there as well as shopping info, maps etc.

On Facebook the group is called:

Busan Tea Cozies.

I have also started a blog and have a backlog of stuff to post; things I'd learned about tea and equipment  I'd purchased over the years and where you can get the same stuff or better.


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On FB: Busan Tea Cozies has now discussion groups based on particular Teahouses for discussing their menus. A great resource for deciding what to order before you get there or for sharing any tea discoveries.

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I enjoyed your blog posts, but I can't find the facebook group.  Can you post a link to it?

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I just added a link to the Facebook site on the blog. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'm a bookish tea type and a newbie to site design! The heads up is much appreciated!