TAKE OUT MENU changed for Seamen's Club holidays

From the Director:

Everyone...sorry for the confusion. The data provided was accurate when submitted; what was posted was wrong. Since then, however, our ability to obtain smaller turkeys was foiled, so rather that cancel the program, we're offering a larger turkey.
Large Turkey only, 20-24# that serves up to 15 $105.00 W126,000
Large Turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce $130.00 W156,000
Large Turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, soup, vegetables, garden salad, dressing, diller rolls and choice of apple, pumpkin or cherry pie $145.00 W174,000
The Country Ham Feast with soup, garden salad with dressing, brown sugar glazed ham, mashed potatoes and pan gravy, glazed carrots with pistachios, home style dinner rolls and lemon meringue or fresh baked pumpkin pie to serve up to 8 people is $72.95.
Orders must be placed not less than three days before desired pick up. You must specify pickup time. All take out dinnres must be paid for at time of request. Drinks are available at extra cost. Place orders with my manager, Mr. Kim Pyong Kun, 010-3863-9638 or (051) 462-8029. You may pay be Bank Account HANA BANK 322-810414-63107.
Sorry for the confusion. We want to be of service both with take out and dining in Thanksgiving Buffet. If you have difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Walt Christiansen, Director
I want to be sure we have correct information to your readers.

Re: TAKE OUT MENU changed for Seamen's Club holidays

Two things to say about this.

One: the food is great and they do a great job if you go there to eat.

two. The take out service sucks. I ordered it once and they were 5 hours later than they said the would be and then the delivery boy wanted to renegotiate the price... even after I informed I had already paid. By the time it arrived most things were cold and my guests (who were enjoying christmas) were a little annoyed. I hoped this was a one off but have heard other horror stories.


So I'm sorry to Busan food guy but unless you book a place and have a great meal there I feel I have to warn people about booking delivery.