Swapping my Canadian driver's license for a Korean one

Hello all,

I need the advice of a Canadian living in Korea who has recently (say, within the last year) changed his/her driver's license for a Korean one. I have read on a number of websites that the process is easy, but that you need a certificate from your embassy stating that your DL is not a forged one or whatever. (Although one website mentioned that you were exempt from this requirement if from any of the following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, UK).

My question is: do Canadians really need to get their driver's license notarized or certified by a Canadian embassy? If yes, since I live in Busan, would I have the option of going to the Canadian consulate here in the city, or would I have to go to the actual embassy in Seoul?


For those who have gone through the other path, that is, getting a Korean driver's license without exchanging your foreign driver's license, was that easy? I heard you need to pass a written test and an actual road test. Simply wondering how easy/hard it is, and if you need any preparation for it. I've been driving for over 7 years and I am pretty confident with my driving skills, but I'm not exactly familiar with Korean driving laws (if there are any), and I'm not sure how they test you on the road test.


Re: Swapping my Canadian driver's license for a Korean one

I got my Korean driver's license a few weeks ago. I went to the Canadian consulate in Sinpyeong and had my Canadian license notarized. It's real simple. Just bring your passport, ARC card and a couple of photos of yourself. And then take all that to the "Driver's license building". It's near Pukyong University.

Re: Swapping my Canadian driver's license for a Korean one

Just take the test.  If you have been driving, then just do it.  I don't know about the written test if they have it in English.  My guess they probably do.  Just review their laws.  I live near one of the driver's license offices and my wife just got her drivers' license on the first try.  They have videos of the different courses that you can review as much as you want.  It's not that difficult.  I would rather do this than have your other license notarized.  If you can, do it in the afternoon.  The courses might be the easier ones.