Student requirements for Hakwans and Kindy

The legislation seems quite nebulous here.

I read(very hard to find as usual) that an international degree(D2 or 4) student on a student visa can be employed in an establishment provided that it isn't associated with English, with examples such as Hakwans, Kindergartens teaching English, Kids' Cafes and institutes.

This was in the restrictions area in visas(published online).


I am wondering,,,,,,,, what are the rules ->what is the point of "Jumping through hoops to qualify for the Board of Education and Immigrations regs?

So, we can do what we want to, not register, not do medicals, and work where we please from now on. Why should we meet any of the legal requirements for E2, Board of Education requirements? If a student can do any ESL job without the same checks, etc. Are students allowed to work in ESL institutes in any form?


As per norm, the information is convoluted.


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