Something fishy going on

I have 2 years teaching experience in Korea (at the same school). After my last contract, I decided to take a couple months off.

I am now ready to go back to Busan. All my documents are ready and apostilled and all the other things immigration wants. That's something I make sure to tell schools I applied for.I've gotten a couple of good bites, but they seem to back off.

One in particular:

I applied and they said I was their most qualified applicant and wanted to set up a time to interview me. I e-mailed them back to arrange a time and told them the hours that would be good for them to call (per their request). A week goes by, no call. So I followed up. They tell me they found somebody and the postition So I say "oh well" and start looking at the job posts on Koreabridge and I notice the same job is posted. So I e-mailed the person to "thank" her and told her to keep me in mind in case any other positions open at her school only to find she blocked my e-mail.

180's like this have been happening to me lately. What are the chances that my previous school (public), who didn't really want me to leave, is giving me a bad reference? it happened to a friend of mine.and it took him a long time to find a new job.

Re: Something fishy going on

Although I am a newbie with no experience(except CELTA) and a little er older than most

English teachers I am finding it tough to find a job in Busan. I have also had a few 180s as

you describe them. In anycase there have been slim pickings for the last month in Busan with

many jobs requiring a female teacher. I would doubt that you have been given a bad

reference it's  just a bit slow at the moment. Jobs on here are regularly readvertised.


Re: Something fishy going on

there is a black list here. some think this is a myth but it exists. did anything happen at your last job that would piss them off-that even just being not resigning? can you approach your old school? would you feel comfortable getting a reference letter? if not, that may tell you something.

that said, it could just be your appearance, you are asking for too much, are asking too many questions and so on. and by the way-saying you were the best candidate means nothing. dont let that fool you. if you are going on hearing this then maybe it is nothing at all and you just have to keep on looking. good luck!

Re: Something fishy going on

References in Korea mean very little to be honest unless the people have met before. This happens only in the univeristy/college scene.  At the hogwan or public school level they mean nothing. It's one snakes word to another.

Most likely they have found a person in country. That's all I wouldn't worry too much about it. I think you should just get on a plane and come, get a job and then ask for 150-200,000w/month in addition for the flight money re-embursement. Problem solved.