Snus (smokeless tobacco) in Busan?

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Snus (smokeless tobacco) in Busan?

Hey, I'm trying to get off cigarettes and I saw some old threads on Dave's that suggested Snus was available somewhere in Busan (albeit at high prices). I ordered some already but I'm anxious to just stop smoking as soon as possible so I was wondering if anyone could point me to where I might find this stuff? I don't care much about the price.

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Re: Snus (smokeless tobacco) in Busan?

Probably available at pharamacies. I've seen plenty of my students 'smoking' them. Seems almost to be de riguer for the giving up process here.

Personally though if you haven't read it already I highly recommend. Allen Carr's - Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

Worked for me, and I know a whole bunch of other people who quit with it too. Sounds a bit preachy and the hard sell,but you've got nothing to lose.