Okay, I have a major boner for this game, so I'm looking to pick it up on 11/11/11. Anybody else getting it? Is Play-Asia the quickest way to get it? Any other ideas for getting it on the release date? I have a US xbox by the way.



Re: Skyrim!!

You are not alone, sir.  I'm very excited for this game.

I have a PS3, so it doesn't really matter where I purchase it from, but I will be ordering it from for the US version with English packaging. 

Because you have the XBox 360, I wouldn't chance picking it up from one of the game shops here, due to region code restrictions.  The game disc itself is going to be all in English, regardless.

Anyway, is the best way to go for this particular title.  Unfortunately it's the more expensive alternative, and if you want it faster you'll have to pay for Fed Ex shipping (or some other method).