Shipping Suitcase Question

Does anyone know anything about shipping suitcases?


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i think you'll have to elaborate a bit for any advice.  for example where you're shipping to and how you plan on doing it.  because to be honest, you can put a suitcase in a package box and have a courier company ship it for you.  

Re: Shipping Suitcase Question

Yeah, sorry.  So I need to ship a very large suitcase to America.  Can I just bring it to the post office or is there a shipping company I should use-  It can take as long as needed I just have to get the suitcase and its contents back to America at some point.  I am backpacking after my contract ends and can't take it along.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Shipping Suitcase Question

Most international airports offer baggage storage facilities for a minimal charge. So I would recommend passing through the same airport on your way there and home and just storing your baggage. Would probably cost a fortune to ship it home.