Sharp Cheddar Cheese

I'm trying to make some homemade perogies. (cheese/potato). I need to find some sharp cheddar cheese and need some sour cream though I have heard this is easy to make at home with cream and yogurt. So I just need the cheese! Does anyone know anywhere in busan that I can order this? Even online. Any help is appreciated!

Cheddar can be bough at any Home Plus or Lotte Department store (check out the wine section that's were the cheeses are kept) Sharp Cheddar? I presume you want 'matured' Cheddar. Be aware though in Busan it is all pre-packed supermarket quality so basically not so good, but I do not know of any cheese shop in Busan that sell's unpacked cheeses.

Yogurt and sour cream are very easy to make at home, just buy a good temperature gauge (food stuf one cost about 20,000 Kwon) and check out foodies website from around the world. I do it every week and it takes only minutes and overnight waiting for the yoghurt to mature. If you want the easy way out buy sour cream at home plus or mix yoghurt with fresh cream (do not buy the whipping cream that has sugar in it). Best result is when you buy a small bottle of organic yoghurt and let it 'hang' for a few hours to thicken it. Korean yoghurt is very watery and you can loose at least 50% of the wey (or water) that is in the bottle. Buy some cheese cloth or use a clean tea towel, pour in the yoghurt and make two knots with the 4 ends arond a large spoon or chopstick and hang it over a bowl and let it drip. Preferably in you fridge. Outside is ok now with these temperatures. You'll get the most wonderfull Greek style thick (creamy) yoghurt

Good luck!

Go to costco. They have Tillamook cheese. They have big blocks of it for a decent price compared to other areas. They have sharp and extra sharp. You can also get sour cream there. They are located near Suyeong Station. Just search online for costco korea and you will find the English website. Good luck!

Don't go to Costco! The sharp cheddar isn't sharp. I don't care what it says on the package. Perhaps if you're American it is, but to me it was mild cheddar, if that. Homeplus, Megamart, Emart and Shinsaegae all have better cheese, it's just more expensive. The best selection is at Shinsaegae near the wine section or in the actual supermarket.

Hm I don't have a costco membership and also I haven't seen it at emart... which homeplus or emart have you been going to? I live in seomyeon and I've been going to the one there.

Hi, I bought matured Cheddar last Saturday in the Gaya branch of Home plus. People are right about Costco, the cheddar is poor (American) quality and doesn't taste like real Cheddar at all. Also at Costco the volume they want you to buy is big and prices are not as low as generally regarded. I found several products cheaper in Homeplus, Megamart or Lottemart.

Costco for both

They sometimes have sharp cheddar (Land-o-Lakes brand) at Lotte in Seomyeon (wine section) and also at Homeplus in Gaya...not far from Seomyeon.  They also usually have an aged white cheddar at most Homeplus stores.  Sour cream can be found at many Home Plus/E-mart stores.  I've also gotten it from Haeundae Dept. Store near Beomnaegol.  Sometimes you have to look around in the store...things aren't in places you'd expect them to be!

I shopped strong swiss cheddar by piece at homeplus yacht center; from seomyon to dongbaek on line#2 after the art museum st.  It's on the aisle of creameries across from patisseries.  They also have a variety of Roquefort as well.  w. you like them.

I can't believe anyone actually buy cheese from the case at Shinsegae.  I've never lain eyes on a collection of more offensively-priced items in my life.  It' ridiculous really...  have fun paying 30 bucks for six slices of cheese.  I ain't.

As for COSTCO cheddar, there are actually two kinds (at least there were):  Tillmook cheddar and COSTCO's "Kirkland" brand, with the former being the far superior product.  Whether it is sharp enough for your tast i another thing, but I for one would never encourage someone to get raped at the Shinsegae cheese case.

I think I'm going to have to order the cheese online, though I received my grandmothers recipe and she told me that I also need shortening or lard. Does anyone know where I can get this?

Also today I went to gaya homeplus, and there was no cheddar cheese (just sliced stuff, whereas I need a block of it). There was also no sour cream.

I can't believe anyone would call the crap they sell in Costco cheese!

It's better than no cheese. Thank god for costco, can't handle it on a weekend though.

@Lee: Haha!  Costco on the weekend is deadly!  Sunday afternoons are pure pandemonium.  Watch our for elbows!

I agree that Costco is best for both the cheese and sour cream, both in terms of price and being able to find it with any degree of reliability.

Rather than making the dough for perogies myself, I've used mandu wrappers from the grocery store (they may be in the freezer section near the regular frozen mandu) to save time.  You just have to be sure to seal the edges well before boiling them.  Good luck!

Since you are not a member of costco, your ingredients can be diversified in one of the general marketplaces; for genuine 구르메숙성체다 Emart-jungdong has got it with reasonable price.  I also suggest Dutch Gouda be a nice option for the filling of a homemade cheese dumpling.  Basically we use butter to make a rich eurAsian pasta in France; if someone in your family risks high cholesterol, "I can't believe, it's not butter" can be used and found at the same emairt place.  Lard is great for frying 호떡. If your family's from western europe, would like American's.  I personally love italian's.

PS.  I actually went to the costco at Mangmi-dong nearby Suyoung River last month, they told me their card can not be used in the USA.  Maybe you can find someone to share it with.  I should have done that but no -_-;;

same as everyone else has recommended, with the homeplus and emart stores in centum city/shinseggae offering the best in my experience, as well as the lotte.  costco has tillamook ('if i ever get out of this tilamook county jail...')which is pretty tasty and in three varieties, but not a mature cheddar as you desire.  pretty sure costco lacks anything of the sharp cheese variety other than their kirkland store brand sharp cheddar.  (i did you 'smoked fish guts' yesterday, though). you asked about online shopping options that were available: and  have only heard positive things both of them, but have never used the former.  shopping online would save someone from having an unfortunate experience similar to tharp42's at the shinseggae cheese case.  (oh, the imagery!) 

as a sidebar- a costco membership card is good at any of their warehouse stores all over the world, according to the membership aggreement.

Blah blah blah cheese snob blah blah blah blah arrogant prick blah blah blah blah

If people want to buy something, let them buy it.  Save your BS snobby comments for Youtube videos and 4Chan.

I go to 지오 place.  (ZIO place) in jeonpodong...They have land o lakes sharp cheddar.

Wow, ladies and gentlemen, we have the Cheese King right here in Busan!  He who would not deign to throw any Costco cheese at his turkey sandwich has graced us with his presence.  Let us praise the gods for the presence of the Cheese King.


Trevor:  You are either not for real, or a truly ridiculous man.

I can get you some from Osan Air Base Commissary but I won't be back in town until 7 Dec 10.  If you want, give me your cell phone and I'll call you.  By the way, I love perogies!