Running In Busan

I am a runner in the process of moving to Busan. While I am there, I would like to train for the Busan Marathon held in November. Does anybody know of any running/trainning groups (Formal or Informal) that I can join?


I'm on a mailing list that

I'm on a mailing list that sends out regular updates of all the races going on in and around Busan. If you send me me your e-mail by PM when you get here, I will ask him to put you on the list. I've also asked in about running clubs so watch this space.

Re: I'm on a mailing list that


Can you ask if I can be put on the regular update for races in Busan, please?


Thanks and hope you are having a great day.

Vania I wish my knees were


I wish my knees were better or I'd train with you! Check out Pusan Expats on theres a new fitness club on there where a bunch of people are meeting to workout. Also I think there's a 10k run a bunch of the members are doing together. I think I'll join in on that one...and itd be a great place to meet other runners.

Also look at Facebook.  There

Also look at Facebook.  There is a group called Waeguks Got Runs that is constantly updated with Marathons in Busan.


Thanks for the running info. guys. I just signed up/became a member of these groups. I live in a city that has a huge running community, and as a trainer myselt, it would be very hard not to "hit the pavement" on a daily basis.

I look forward to moving to Korea and running some of these races.