Rock Singer available in Busan

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Rock Singer available in Busan


I've just moved to Korea and am looking to start a band. I'm into rock/metal so something along this vein would be great.

I was the singer in a successful band back in the UK and I can send you some of my stuff for a listen if you're interested.

I live in Busan, near Seomyeon.



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Re: Rock Singer available in Busan


We are a metal band. 

The singer left the band, so we are looking for a new member.

We cover Dream Theater and MR. Big. Also, we are gethering some idea to make some original songs.

There are 4 members in our band; guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboardist.

We are all Koreans, and we own a practicing room near Seomyeon

We play 6~8 times/year at PNU, Kyungsung, or Seomyeon area.

You can watch our playing.$

Contact me if you are interested.

[email protected]


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Re: Rock Singer available in Busan
You might want to talk to some of the musicians at the open mic night at OL'55 on Wednesday nights.. New bands are being formed all the time so getting your face known would be a good thing.