Really good semi-western style BBQ in Dongnae

I am from Texas, and seeing as we have the  best food in the world, coming to Korea was quite the transition.  To those of you that have decided to keep reading past my arrogant nonsense you are in for quite a treat. Although I love pretty much any food I've had here (especially Korean BBQ)  I really miss the taste of southern BBQ.  One tailgate favorite of mine in school was always beer can chicken.  For those of you that haven't tried it, it's basically a whole chicken sodomized by a beer and marinated to perfection as it cooks.  There's a chain around Busan who is doing it up right. It smells and tastes pretty close to the real thing.  And, it's served with tortillas which really drives it home!  The one I've been going to OFTEN, is right near exit 2 in Dongnae.  Look for the large sign saying barbecue camp. There is also one in Seomyeon right near metal city, although he sticks a Dr. Pepper up the chicken's ass. (almost but not quite as good) The owner is awesome and keen to dish out su-bis-uh too... so give him some business!

Re: Really good semi-western style BBQ in Dongnae

Chicken places are a dime a dozen in this country. Didn't they actually run out of all chickens during the World Cup? Or was that just a rumor.  

Anyway, some suck, most are decent with beer, yet few are above average. We checked out Barbecue Camp (바비큐캠프) on jarrodw's recommendation and it was definitely above average. I don't know how much the beer enema helps, but it was tender and juicy, cut up at the table after the can was removed and put into a kind of 닭갈비 sizzling pan with whole roasted garlic cloves and sour kimchi..not mixed together but in separate portions in case you're not keen on those. Several nice dipping sauces, one tasting like real spicy western bbq sauce. It's not actually served with tortillas (3,000 won extra for 2-3 small tortillas cut into small triagles), but we ordered it and it was worth it to wrap it all up.

A bonus was that the owner was really friendly, every table was filled, and they had the Lotte game on a big 1 of the Doosan ass-kicking sweep..and the whole place was into it!

Texas does have the best food in the world for sure, but this place will satisfy in a pinch.