RE: Free House Items Free

So I'm the guy that gave away all my home items.  I thought I was doing a good thing by helping people out and giving to the Koreabridge community but I have to say something.

I'm giving my stuff away for free, and I don't appreciate all the demands and negative comments from people.

Aside from a lot of people being flakes and not comming when they said, here's what really surprised me.  

A few Pakastani and Indian men actually called when I requested text messages and demanded that I deliver the items to them.  

A lot of people demanded that I hold the items for them and wait for when its convienent for them to pick up.  I told them no and then they began sending me a load of texts saying it was their request and I should have honored thier request and it was wrong of me for not doing what they told me to do.

And finally the number of texts I recieved after 11pm was unreal, and they continued to pour in after 12am, and thanks to Jeff who beat everyone by texting me at 2:35 in the morning becuase he wanted one of the items.  Did you think that was an appopiate time?

Oh and the dart board, wow, 3 people expected the TV monitor to be included with the board and dart set all of which came from Japan, and some people actually thought that was free.  Showing up with their children when I clearly said I was accepting offers. I kept it by the way and only paid 35,000 for international shipping.

Perhaps I should have thought this out, but I had no idea just giving some things away would turn into such a hassle.  I advise any of you in the future to plan more carefully if you do something like this and set some ground rules in advance when you post.