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I tried to take some friends from out of town to the Rainbow Spoon in the Ion City food court only to find out it moved to inside the Busan Global Village.  Has anyone eaten there since the move?  Do they still have a full menu and what are the hours? 

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I ate there yesterday, but I had not eaten at Ion City so I don't know if their menu has changed.  There were a few South East Asian items (1 page) but most of the menu was Italian.  I had the Chicken Vindaloo and it was quite good.  Most meals are around 9,000 won and come with a large salad and dessert.  It shares the space with the English Cafe so you can get coffee drinks there too.  I plan on going back; the food is good and I support the women and what they're doing!

Hours: 10:30 am - 8:00 pm

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What?  The rainbow spoon is back in business?  I miss my friends who worked there.

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Sounds like the format has changed a little.  There was no Italian food before.  Thanks for posting the hours.

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Could some one please post some accurate directions as to how to get here?

I looked for it once for about 30 minutes, but couldn't find it.  Also do they have Malaysian food here?

Thanks in advance!

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They've changed locations, so maybe you were looking in the old spot.

They're now inside the Busan Global Village.  Get off at Buam station which is one stop west of Seomyeon on line 2.  Go out exit 1.  The global village will be on your right as you come out of the exit.  Go through the gate and walk through the courtyard.  The restaurant entrance is from the courtyard.  You might have to go up a flight of stairs or a ramp, don't remember.  Once you're inside the global village you can just ask someone.

I haven't eaten at the new location.  The old location was good and they served a mix of Southeast Asian and Mongolian food.  I don't remember anything specifically Malay, but I think they had Nasi Goreng, as well as some Vietnamese chicken fried noodles that were great.  

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My review and information about Rainbow Spoon:

I just went to the Rainbow Spoon with my girlfriend this evening. We both knew that we had no idea what we were getting into, and for some reason, she was ok with that.

The directions on getting there are fairly spot on. Buam Station (부암역) Exit #1 or you can walk from Seomyeon Station (서면역) and exit at the Lotte Department. Walk past the bus loop and stay on the same side of the road, walking away from the station. It will be about a 10 minute walk, and if you walk through a short tunnel (overpass) then you are almost there.

Once there, you will notice a gate on the right. It is big and there is a small pedestrian gate on the right. Go through either, depending on the traffic. If you see a sign that says "English Cafe" just follow it. I took the stairs up one flight on the outside just past the gate, then I crossed the bridge to the left, and hung a right at the end. You will see it once you get that far. Not too hard to find.

One thing that confused me was this idea that the English Cafe and Rainbow Spoon are next to each other. Actually, they are the same restaurant. Same door, same register, same waitresses.

As we entered, we thought it was closed, but that is because we were the only customers there. Maybe because it is a Wednesday evening? But we decided to continue and just relax and have fun.

The menu consists of about five "Oriental" foods and about four pages of Italian food, but neither are big fans of Italian food in Korea. She had the Prawn Makhani (9,000won) and I had the "Chichen Vindaloo" (supposed to say "Chicken") (9000won). I was going to order the Mongolian Beef dish, however, they said it was not available. I was ok with that because I was deciding between the two anyways.

We had a perfectly reasonable amount of food in the main dish. They came with a yellow rice. I assume it was saffron or something like that in the rice, but it was better than getting the plain short grain white rice at an Indian or Thai restaurant here in Korea. It also came with a "salad" which was just some different leaves of lettuce with a balsamic vinegrette. I wasn't impressed, but my gf really enjoyed it. After the meal, we were given a menu that had a selection of various hot and cold coffees, teas, milk, khalua milk, ice cream, and a few other things. It is the "dessert" menu. Both the salad and dessert is included in the price of the meal, which was nice.

About the food:

We both enjoyed our dishes very much, however in my dish, they didn't mix the curry well enough, meaning some of the curry paste had not mixed into a roo. But other than that, I was very satisified. If I went to an Indian restaurant, it might have been better, but definatly for the price, I wasn't going to get any better on that kind of food.

If you haven't gone, and you like either SE and S Asian food or Italian food, give it a try. The atmosphere is nice, the chairs are nice, and the place is clean. I was very impressed. If I was to rate it, I'd say something like a 4.25 to a 4.5 out of 5.0.