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Please please help

I have a really complicated situation and I dont know what to do.

Every time I apply for jobs I am told that I have to apply from my 'home country.'

What would be my 'home' country?

Irish passport (but never lived in Ireland, I got the passport through my granddad)
Lived and grew up in England (but I was never 'naturalised')
I now live in South Africa (for one year) and am marrying my South African fiance.(I also did my degree in South Africa in 2006)

Where do I need to go to apply? Do I have to leave my husband and fly to England/Ireland to apply?

Which criminal background check do I need?

When i contact the South Korean embassy in South Africa they say I can apply from here in South Africa but recruiters keep saying that the embassy here is different to the consulate in South Korea.

Please help!

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Re: Please please help

Yes, that sounds not simple but can be figured out with explicit clarity what to do.

Do not apply to any institution, which complicates your identity, for they do that to ask you to excuse their non-professional and/or no experienced skill in terms of immigration procedure. It is your current valid passport which tells you about it, and your educational or personal (hi)story functions as a complementary to your qualification of the position that you applied for. They yet do not critique what you are able to do in class.

Whatever bureau tic records you d like to show up, as a fellow from a country of GB, it is your decision to make where to stay to pull out your documents. If you lived in SA-Irlande for over a decade, but that makes your identity complicating, do not apply. It is wasting time and effort. Some places will warmly welcome you without any further question about local records in Korea, if you have had stayed in here before.

Wish that help you find your true self to pursue your job as a main career of one's life here.


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Re: Please please help

I highly recommend Korvia consulting agency. Contact Ann Park She is one of the owners. She has been a close friend for 7 years and worked as a recruiter for most of that time. She will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do. 

Also, you don't have to be in the country to apply for a criminal background check. Check out the police website of the country check you need. I have always applied for mine remotely. (I'm English)