Play Ice Hockey in Daejeon

For anyone who is interested in playing recreational ice hockey in Daejeon, there is a small group of us hoping to hit the ice on Sunday and/or Monday nights from 11:00pm to midnight.

Here's some quick info:
- We play at the Namsun Ice Rink in Tanban-dong.
- Everyone is welcome to join. We play friendly, non-contact games.
- Minimum equipment needed: skates, shin pads, elbow pads, a cup, a stick and a helmet.
- Depending on the number of players joining, ice fees will be 10,000 - 20,000 won per game
- There are two hockey shops in Seoul or you can check if you need to purchase gear. And, some of us might be able to lend out some equipment as well.

If you're interested, pop me an email at [email protected] or look for our group, 'daejeon ice hockey', on facebook.

We're hoping to get games started on Sunday, November 13th.

Hope to see you at the rink