PASSPORT Multi-point entry query


I was hoping someone could give me an answer. I'm on a E-2 visa until the end of the year. I would like to take a quick vacation to Japan. 

Looking at my passport (British) I don't have a multi-point entry. Do I still need one or can I come and go as I please? 

If I need one, can I sort it? How much will it cost? Or will my company have to arrange it?


Thanks in advance.

Re: PASSPORT Multi-point entry query

As far as I know the old re-entry visa system has now been scrapped. I haven't had to get one for my last 3 visits out of the country.

However, British people never had to pay anyhow so there is no harm in asking. Just go to the airport or wherever you are departing from 30 minutes earlier and find the immigration office. They will be able to put you straight.

Re: PASSPORT Multi-point entry query

Re-entry visas are no longer required for most visas, including the E2.

To put your mind at ease, you can confirm this by calling the immigration hotline. From any phone just dial 1345.