Party with a Purpose

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Party with a Purpose

Come the first weekend of December, Korea will be brimming with wine parties from coast to coast to coast. Party-planners and party-goers across the peninsula will be helping raise money for Korea Women's Hot Line. Because, really, what better way to help others than to party!?

Just pick a night (Fri Dec.4th or Sat Dec.5th or Sun Dec.6th), invite your friends over, and let the corks fly. Hosts provide snacks or appetizers for guests who in turn bring a bottle of wine (or non-alcoholic beverage) to share and a 10,000 won donation for Korea Women's Hot Line.


If you are interested in throwing your own wine party, contact Ingrid at [email protected] or visit Facebook group “PARTY with a PURPOSE” for further contact details, party ideas and suggestions, and donation information.