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I know this may sound like a stupid question, but, Is it possible to get a non Korean speaking Non Teaching job in Korea??    I met my Korean wife elsewhere came here and have discovered that really teaching isn't for me.  Or am I scr*wed???    Constructive advice is welcomed

Thanks in Advance!!

 If you are married to a

 If you are married to a Korean national and have an F2 or F5 visa there is no legal reason why you can't gain employment in other fields.

I don't know anyone personally that works outside of education but that doesn't mean there isn't and probably thousands(engineers, ship builders,lawyers,business people). I'm a small fish. But I think most foreigners here that work in other fields got hired back home and were placed here.


ps...You could legally drive taxi tomorrow, they are all ways looking for people. It just depends if your Korean is good enough and you know the roads...what am I talking about? like taxi drivers back home speak English..hahah!!!

F2'er like me..

Hi there!

OF course you can! Teaching is not an all way solution to living here.. Though it could be the easiest way to earn especially if you are a Native, other foreigners still find a non teaching job..

I, personally, has been offered a non teaching job recently. It is a Distributor company. They deal with exporting their products anywhere in Asia.. Basically, you just have to communicate with other companies abroad-  in English..

Well, its just an example. The point is... there are other  job offers  for foreigners too.. like in companies as I've said.. I dont know  with other fields but I am pretty sure there are other jobs  as well, like what LBS mentioned..

If it's gonna be a non-teaching job, communicating in  Korean (even a bit) is a key to getting the job faster than any others.

If you are currently in Busan, why dont you visit and try searching for a non-teaching job there..

Hope this helps..


Thanks for the advice.

I have a F2 - I know that I can work anywhere was just looking for idea's.

I don't speak Korean - thats the problem!!  I know I should learn !!!

Taxi driving!! - thanks for the suggestion but I would like to see my next birthday!!  ...  I have been avoiding buying a car - not looking forward to driving here!

I will check out Busan life :)

Yes. Anything's possible with good ideas and connections

Hi Nomad,

I can empathize with you and its vital to know atleast some conversational korean besides just 2 or 3 phrases in survival dialogue.

Busan life could use a new makeover and it only takes a few good like-minded teachers to come up with something new and different.

I have a few ideas in mind. And I just don't spoil the surprise until I know it has value and will get the necessary support. Sounds interesting?

My recent post on the language exchange is just the tipping of the iceburg.

Cheers c:)


you could try working as a civilian contractor at one of the US bases in Korea. My buddy did that and he sold new and used cars on the base, however he hated it more than teaching

English teacher to used car

English teacher to used car salesman or the other way around, I don't know which is worse.

It is rather easy to work as

It is rather easy to work as an English teacher but other than that, it takes time.I got a non teaching job from  <a href=""> Zeitarbeit Weiden</a> this site. Same as in any country, there are not so many opportunities for gaijin to get a job even if you have very special qualifications.

I work at a uni. Full-time.

I work at a uni. Full-time. But I also work as a counselor from a home office. In addition, I do some acting and sing & play the guitar to boot. There are lots of cool things that one could do on an F-2 VISA, you just have to dream harder, that's all.


Best of luck!

Re: Non Teaching job's

its even harder to find a non teaching job if u r not permanent residence.....................need advice guys..........

whr to look for it...........

there has to be some jobs other than teaching english..............:-(

Things working out??

Are you American?  Are you still in Korea?  Its been a year since your post, so did you find work other than teaching?  Do you enjoy living in Korea?  Homesick?  I am also in a similar situation as you are.  I am an American that has married a Korean woman and is now thinking on planning to move to Seoul, but wants to know how an American feels living there.  If I do move, hope maybe we can meet up or keep contact there and help each other out.

Hope things are working out... 

Re: Non Teaching job's

I have an F2 and after 5 years slumming it on the usual 2.3-2.8 a month I would like some honest advice on how I could dfo better either teaching or not.


I live in Busan BTW


Thanks everyone for understanding in advance. Just tired of being out here and still hand to mouthing it.

Re: Non Teaching job's

"slumming it" at 2.8 million won a month, I feel your pain brother. Life is hard isn't it? I bet you can barely afford bread and water on a daily basis with such a wage.

Re: Non Teaching job's

Ah the words of one who isn't supporting a family, running a car, paying rent or a mortgage, or giving gifts to the Korean inlaws.

Re: Non Teaching job's

You probably need to learn Korean

I know a few gyopos that work at companies and were hired in Korea. They are hired becasue they can speak both Korean and English.

I was offered a job a long time ago by a Korean friend that was starting an export business. The job would be checking documents to make sure the English was correct. So the jobs do exist but you need to go out and make Korean friends.

Re: Non Teaching job's

Is it possible? Of course it is. I had studied Korean in Seoul, and then relocated to the Seoul office years later (banking). More and more companies are hiring foreign workers, many don't even speak much if any Korean. Check out some of the postings at, many of them are non-teaching positions for foreigners.