Non-ESL Jobs

Hey all,

I'm getting sick of teaching English for those understandable reasons. I want to keep working here though and I find something else to do. I've found my first job off Dave's ESL Cafeand then just used my recruiter  for new gigs. Dave's doesn't post anything but ESL stuff.  What else is out there? Is it even possible to get something non-ESL related? Do I need to get married to a Korean?



Good question. I feel like it's pretty hard to land non-ESL gigs in Korea unless you get hired by a big company in your home country, start your own business (which requires a large capital base) or have a permanent visa status (like F-4, F-6 etc). I've noticed that there are a few sites that post more and more non-ESL jobs: is a good site. They do have primarily ESL jobs but there are also other stuff thrown in and it's not just for F-4 holders. As well the jobs they post tend to be for English speakers only. Korea Expat Jobs is another site that has almost ALL non-ESL jobs but lots of them require Korean langauge. A friend of mine recommended Simply Hired for jobs. It's seems okay but the search function isn't great unless you switch to the all Korean site. Getting a non-ESL job takes time and connections are really important. Check the sites above DAILY and join a network like linkedSeoul and then make as many contacts as possible. Good Luck!

Yeah I have a non-ESL teaching job. I actually found it through, like DY mentioned and I had met one of the bosses at a resturant through a mutual friend a few months prior. It's an editing job so it's still using my 'great' English skills. Craiglist is a free site so sometimes the job recruiters aren't the best qualitiy but they do have other gigs especially part-time stuff. Also Indeed Jobs has LOTS of non-ESL jobs. There are tons of professional positions advertised but even if you're not qualified you should apply anyway. Being in Korea is a big asset! 

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