New Indian Restaurant in Haeundae

Hey, there is a new Indian place in Haeundae. When I say 'place' I mean a tiny little establishment (similar to Senora Taco) with a very small menu and only a few stools for seating. The food is cheap, fresh, and delicious. She offers several different chapatis with chicken or veggies, either spicy or not. She also has lassi, either plain or in several flavors. You can get a chapati and a lassi for 5,000won. It's a little hard to find so I attached a map, hope it helps.V_QuIxGjyTiW_1csjBUDy9

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I'll give it a try, though I'll take your recommendation with a grain of salt.  A lot of people have come on this site and talked up restaurants that actually sucked.  The small space sounds enouraging, though.

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After the movie at MegaBox, I went to Ganesh. I enjoyed the flavor, freshness, and simplicity. And the price.

When you are in front of Sfunz, walk on by. Go to the next intersection and turn right. You will soon find the restaurant on your right.

Menu: Chili ham cheese , chili vegetarian, chili chicken curry, chili tuna, ...chicken curry, tuna,   ... chapati

The owner cooks a fresh chapati and spreads whatever is your choice. The "spicy" is definitely "spicy".. hot.

A take out/ eat in chapati is 3,000 won. However, if  you order a "set", meaning both chapati and drink, then the cost is 5,000.

Drinks: lassi, almond milk 3,000 won, chai/tea 2,000.  I had a banana lassi with my chapati and it was excellent!

Open 11 AM to 8 PM. Closed Sunday. If you buy a "set", chapati and drink, then the cost is 5,000.

The easiest way to find this hole-in-the-wall is to walk past Sfuhz/Megabox to the next intersection light ... and turn right 90 %. Walk down the block about 200 meters and you will see the sign "GANESH" on your right. Ganesh, (an elephant) by the way, is a Hindu God and one of his perquisites is "god of learning"

I hope you learn to find this stand-up eatery.

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Went last night to try it out. While the price is certainly right, be warned that they hold the more common Korean view of vegetarian food. In other words, they take out the food. Our Chili vegetarian chipatis consisted of nothing more than lettuce, tomato, a bit of hot sauce and two partially melted cheese slices (yuck!). Calling it Indian food was as much a stretch as calling it Mexican, French or any other country's cuisine. 

We left feeling entirely unsatisfied and went to taco Senora, where they do veggie right. I might go again some time to try the chicken (I take the more half assed approach to vegetarianism), but it certainly didn't impress us very much.