New F-2 Visa Holder--Opportunities open to a Foreigner in Busan?

Hello, recently I got married to a Korean, which has changed my Visa status to F-2.  I want to ask how the change in status alters certain things for me in terms of receiving government assisstance for a variety of things--i.e. furthering my education (learning Korean, or advanced english education), tax shifts, and prospects for better/more lucrative employment...or anything else relevant for a newbie to be aware of...

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Go to the nearest Immigration office to inform them, bringing with you your marriage certificate of course, and to let you Alien Card be changed regarding your status. This is just a headstart. Afterwhich, everything else will fall in the right places.


Hope this helps.

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Marriage to a korean only makes things easier for you to obtain legal employment without having to change status at immigration.  I once got a registered letter from the local 'gu' office to attend cooking classes for free. It was obviously a group letter sent to all F visa people 90% of which are south-east asian mail order brides.  That's the only thing I've recieved in 13years. I can assure you there aren't structured programs and it isn't a welfare voucher.

Employers have in-house requirements that determine if one is qualified for the position. An F visa isn't going to get you into a college with out a degree or a job in a korean chaebol. It will allow you to work here and there doing whatever it is you do but it really doesn't open that many doors.  

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Is there any way to eradicate "of which 90% are SouthEast Asians mail to order brides" in a public forum- Or to make a mediocre statement for this one- This point has been reiterated a thousand times already and it itches alot since I know people who belong to those places BUT aren't mail to order brides. They are well educated people who are destined to marry a foreigner and decided  to live and make a living in the spouse's country.


You are still a foreigner amidst your visa. The thing is: you just have a better leeway to have a job depending on your educational background, license/s and experience. You belong to the damun-hwa society now. Lots of opportunities await for you if you qualify for the requirements your desired job requires of you.


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Those are the stats becky, the numbers are true. F2,F5 visa holders that are English teachers make up less than 10% of those visas. 

If they are so highly educated then why do they allow themselves to be bought like livestock from a book?  They are not highly educated, most are from rural areas with little to no hope of a decent life in their own country or here for that matter. There is a reason why the gov't of korea stopped allowing korean men to marry cambodian women. They treat them like animals and baby factories.

Do you not remember the vietnamese woman who was slain not three months ago from her crazy korean husband? It certainly isn't chaebol or upper echelon koreans that are marrying foreign brides my dear. It's the down and out of this place. The only reason a korean man would marry a foreign woman is because a korean woman won't have him.


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Lee Bum Suk "The only reason a korean man would marry a foreign woman is because a korean woman won't have him." This is the biggest load of crap! I'm a female from New Zealand and I'm married to a Korean who is well educated with a good family background. You make it sound like Korean people are better than everyone else which is far from the truth.

about re-newal of F2 visa

Hello, I'm a filipina was divorced with korean  and re-married of now he has F2 visa and then we're going to renew this coming husband quit from his current job, will it affect  his  application for the renwal of his  visa  when his  past  company saying  bad  about  him?

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Well all my points are being proven today that's for sure.

Smiley, your current husband has an F visa and is a foreigner? I'm sorry I don't understand. How did he get an F visa if he is married to you?  Is he divorced from a korean as well?  F visas are marriage visa or kyopo(F4) visas.

Could you please explain this in more detail? thank you.


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My current husband is a foreigner too...but because I am a korean citizen now he has F2 visa. I am the one who got divorced from  a korean.....thank u hope u understand it.....

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You have korean citizenship? Now I understand. No, your foreign husband won't have any troubles in regards to re-newing the visa. It's a marriage visa, it has nothing to do with his employment or lack of employment situation. 

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yes I have a korean citizenship.....thankz for  answering.......

I have more questions again.......i am pregnant now if i wil register my coming baby for her birth certificate, is there any problem if the surname of my husband use to name of my baby even he's not yet a citizen here in korea? there any possible to receive any benefits from the govt. because im giving birth again for a third child.(i have 2kids already from my ex korean and now pregnant for my current husband).....hoping again for clear information..thankz a lot

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I think your baby will be able to have duel citizenship (korean and whereever your husband is from) until age 18 when he/she will have to choose. Who knows by then perhaps the law will change.

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This world is alot bigger than you and so are the reasons that you or others can comprehend. Your points are right but in my narrow opinion, you have  been one- sided. In as much as you strongly want to insist the "down" aspect stating it from the Stats, it is inevitable that there is another side of the coin.

If there is a left, there is a right.IF there are happy and in content 다문화 family residing and making a living here, there are also suffering ones. This doesn't go out to only the SouthEast Asian women married to Koreans but also to those Amerians, Canadians, Australians,British..etc... who also share the same status like that of the others- an F2 Visa holder.


Each has his own life, family, pride and integrity to protect. Let us respect it. In order to avoid a cliche, let's be mediocre and stay neutral in words, phrases or expressions we want to use. IN that way, constructive inputs can keep coming.


Have a great weekend, LBS.


Carpe Diem!


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I agree to that.

Like you, my hubby is well-educated,having graduated in a great school here, had a business running internationally and with siblings who graduated in Seoul Univ and other top Univs here and are working at the top of their careers here and in the States. Who doesn't want to marry that kind of person knowing Korean culture is very keen for family background and Education?

Getting married to a foreigner or not is a self- preference, a choice!

By the way, I am a Fililpina. Thanks to this site, people will be aware that the likes of us exist!

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Lee bumsuk sorry but you're [as bad as]  the most conservative and narrow minded thinking korean i have ever met. Cuz of ppl like u korea is working backwards.The reason koreans marry foreign woman is because they like them . MY FUTURE HUSBAND is freacking hot and I can asure u many korean women try to get him and guess what? I'm european and i'm doing my second univ here in korea. I'm white n i'm not poor nor low educated and I come from a familly with great background especially in what concerns education and so does my fiancee. I know what u meant in that frase n the situation you were talking about n yeah u r right there but don't generalise , i quote you " a korean marries a foreigner cuz a korean woman won't want him" cuz ur getting urself in deep poopoo.

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