myeongnyun dong

Hey folks,

I'm moving to busan ( myeongnyun dong ) in a couple of weeks and would like a bit of a heads up about what's in the area.


Re: myeongnyun dong

It's fine.  There's not much there except a big Lotte department store.  But you are only 10 minutes walk from Dongnae which has a big supermarket and lots of restaurants and 30 minutes walk (though you probably wouldn't bother walking it) from Pusan National university which has heaps of bars, cafes, restaurants etc and is one of the main foreign hang outs.

There's lots of stuff happening there but it is a little far from the beach areas of the city, which is where the majority of ex-pat action happens.

Re: myeongnyun dong

The walk along the river has definitely gotten better as they have dug out the concrete below it and made it a natural tributary again. Not much more beautification they can do with the subway going overhead and a ton of traffic nearby.

if you have a bike, you can head up river until you get to Guseodong subway, head west past the cultural center and ride about 15 minutes and you will hit a huge lake that is peaceful and extremely lovely. Not a lot of people know about that but it is giant.

Some great bars in PNU too.