MTB groups/clubs in Busan?

I found a thread (through google) on the old forums talking about some good shops here in Busan and some clubs that had weekly get togethers.

I've been here for nearly 2 years now without an mtb and am looking to do something about that this summer. Anybody know of a local shop or club that meets reguarly and where? My Korean is still pretty poor so a bit of English ability somewhere would help, but cyclings cycling so thats international! 

Cheers :)




Re: MTB groups/clubs in Busan?


I just moved to Busan about a month ago. From what I have seen mtn biking is quite popular here.

I don't know many shops that speak English, but I have been to a few that are pretty good.

One Local club that I have rode with is You can join the site (and I'm pretty sure you can do it in English).

If you are looking for a bike check out (you'll need to register... ask a Korean friend to help. Deals on bikes and parts can be found here.)

Also, Facebook 'MTBK'  or 'Gravity Sluts' These are mostly foreigners living in Korea FB groups.

I too have not met many foreigners that ride and would be stoked to ride with you!
My Korean is decent... Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

BTW...Let's do some riding this summer!



Re: MTB groups/clubs in Busan?

I'm investigating options currently! 

Would ideally like to buy a second hand mid level hardtail, I don't need any flash gimmicks that Korean riders seem to love (no offence to them though if they have the $$$ and want to show it! Full carbon full sus in full race gear for riding along a family cyclepath for example)

Need a alrge frame though so a bit tricky to find, I'm not massive but 185cm tall. 

Will have something soon hopoefully!