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Does anyone know where I can go to get a men's haircut in Busan? Not looking for anything special, would just prefer somewhere English is spoken and the hairdressers are used to 'western' hair styles i guess.


Im in Buk-gu area so anywhere close to there would be a bonus.


The Hair

Your best bet is to go to 'The Hair' salon in Namcheon. The guy there trained at Vidal Sassoon in London, is fluent in English and knows western hair. Cost was 15 bucks last time I was there. Check out this post for futher details and directions.

Alternatively you could walk into the Blue Club chain of barbers and point at a picture of something similar to what you want and let some young kid attempt that. A lot of westerners have no problem with Blue Club. It's cheap and it's quick. Personally I've found that they cut way to short on the sides and back and around the ears. You will be lucky to find English.

Or you could just walk into any salon you see on the street and plunk yourself down in the chair and hope for the best. There are attempts at English and you might get a great haircut or not.

And if you don't already know, beware of the shops with the revolving barbers poles outside.

The Hair

I'd second that recommendation for 'The Hair' salon in Namcheon. I've been going to that guy for 6 months now and he does great work. He's a cool, he knows what he's doing and speaks fluent English.

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I used to go to this place too.  Guy does a good job.  Went today after not being for a while to find it closed!! 

Seem to remember him saying he was going to move last time I was there.


Anyone have info on a new location?



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young-na, "the hair" guy has moved his shop near geumnyungsan subway station (it's between gwangan and namcheon stations).  give him a call and he can give you exact directions (all i know is it's near exit 6).  010-4859-8770

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I finally found this place. The owner is friendly, speaks English well, and did a fantastic cut for 20 bucks. Its better to make an appointment before you go.


  • Young Na
  • mob. 010 4859 8770
  • tel. 051 612 8779
  • email. [email protected]
  • open 11am to 7.30pm, closed sundays


  • Go to Geumyeonsan Station exit 6
  • Walk straight past the Samsung building then turn right at Tous Les Jour
  • Follow the road up the hill as it curves right
  • The shop is on the second floor of the ARK building, stairs are located to the left


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Just wanted to give another good review for Na.  I've been in Busan for about a month and decided it was finally time for a haircut.  After reading this review I decided to go see Na at the Hair.  100 % satisfied.  He spent 45 minutes on the cut, shampoo and conditioned, and gave me a scalp massage with a cool machine.  His place is really easy to find and very nice and clean.  He is a super nice dude he speaks well.  No stress about misunderstandings.  For 20,000 won it's a bargain!

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Hi, sir.


This is Jacksonpama based on Seomyeon,Busan.

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Thank you


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Hello, I went to somewhere in front of Pukyong Uni ( Daeyeon ) to dye my hair 2 years ago. Forgot the name, if I'm not mistaken it's "Color Box" ( located near imported snack store in front PKNU ). The hairstylist guy used to live in Aussie and speaks english which is so helpful.