Looking for Qigong class or group

Anyone know of a Qigong class or group in Busan?  Close to Haeundae would be awesome!



Had a look around some Korean

Had a look around some Korean sites and not finding much, which may indicate that it's not that popular in this country, although I've been wrong in the past.

I know that Qigong and Tai Chi are different but there are some Tai Chi places in Busan that might be able to point you in the right direction.

Here's the details from the old forums:

I did a quick search on line in Korean for Tai Chi, which is known as 태극권 Tae Geuk Gweon.  Got 2 hits for other areas of town, namely Jung Gu (the district NampoDong is in) and GeumJeong Gu, which is out beyond PNU. 

Here are the addresses of both.

부산태극권전문체육- Busan Tai Chi Specialist Training

Tel : 051-465-5951

주소 : 부산시 중구 대창동2가 Busan, Jung Gu, Dae, Chang Dong 2 Ga

-부산태극권체육관-Busan Tai Chi Training School.

Tel : 051-581-9588

주소 : 부산시 금정구 장전1동 Busan, Geumjeong 1 Dong

There is also the Tai Chi association of Korea http://taichi.or.kr/new/index.jsp, with the help of a Korean you might be able to find something on there.