Looking for Busan BBQ Restaurant for 40

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 I am part of a Business group that will be in Busan in a week or so. I am trying to find a nice Korean BBQ restaurant where we can all have a nice dinner. We don’t all have to sit together; however, it would be nice for it to be a large restaurant with Korean BBQ, and with large tables.

Can you please recommend a restaurant in Busan for us to eat at, we are looking for a nice restaurant with Good food….

We have about 40 people that will be party

Thank you

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 I can help you? You should try the WAZWAN recepies located around PNU area. Peace and calm environment that really helps the people to enjoy their food.


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woodsman, do you know if this is close to Pusan, or in Pusan-   is it a Korean BBQ Restaurant-


also is there like a link or contact to the manager so I can set it up-


Thank you for the help



Re: Looking for Busan BBQ Restaurant for 40


there is a new place in Jangsan called Skyland Pasture in English. Its behind the HI MART and is on the second floor of a building with a Chinese restaurant.. They have private rooms where your party can have their own table BBQ. The food was real good, and the service great.  IT just opened so you will see many flags coming from the roof. 

Wazwan is Indian food by the way.

Re: Looking for Busan BBQ Restaurant for 40

across from bexco on the main road there is a nice beef restuarant. very conveniently located so easy to get to. they have huge rooms in there that can seat 40. i dont remember the name but if you are going past bexco toward haeundae, it is on your left side. huge building. cant miss it. the first light past bexco there is a light for a cross walk-it is right there.