Korea Criminal Background Check

I had to submit some documents to the local police office for a Korean criminal background check a month after I got my E2.   Is this a new process?  Has anyone else done this ? 

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Depending on the time, I believe Sept 2011, you have to submit, degree apostille and FBI check apostille.

FBI check takes about 6-12 weeks to get. You can expedite the apostille. If you are in South Korea what you can do it send the FBI fingerprints to Apostille Pros www.apostillepros.com

They will obtain the FBI check for you, then obtain the apostille and send to South Korea rather than sending back and forth. It will save you time and money with FedEx.

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Who asked you to submit these documents? Immigration, your school, the police themselves?

I know that when first joining my school they asked for two background checks, one for immigration and one for the local Gu office. I can't remember the exact reason but it was something to do with legally registering me as a worker at that school, or insurance or something like that.

I work at a university, so I am not sure if it is specific to all schools or just mine. And at the time I remember  a copy sufficing so it might be somethig that schools do automatically without requiring your input.

On the other hand this might be totally unrelated to what you are asking about!






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Periodically at my school all teachers have to sign forms for Korean Criminal background checks. From my understanding it is to make sure that you haven't committed any crimes since you arrived here.

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Every school, public or private, uni or hagwon must register their teachers with the Department of Eductaion and must submit a criminal background check as part of the registration process.  



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When i had my fingerprints done for the FBI check, they(the police) said they had to do my korean check as well. however, I never had to submit the paperwork...only the FBI