Iyengar Yoga Class in English Open, Busan

Iyengar Yoga Classes in English

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Yoga is open to people of all ages and all levels of physical condition.

Do not be put off from trying a yoga class because you feel that you are too old, too stiff, too fat, too thin, too tired, etc. Yoga has something to offer everyone.


What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is based on the teaching of the living yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, author of many books including the classic yoga treatise Light on Yoga.


What to expect from this method of yoga?

The Iyengar method develops strength, endurance, and optimal body alignment, in addition to flexibility and relaxation.

A safe and systematic progression of yoga postures to develop each students ability and skill

Sequencing that develops strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration, and body alignment

Use of props, such as blankets, blocks and straps o facilitate learning and adjust yoga postures to individual needs.


Can I come to a yoga class if I have health concerns of limitations?

Advise your teacher of your concerns, injuries, or conditions before class. Iyengar teachers are trained to modify and suggest alternative strategies to enable you to practice safely and intelligently.



JUNG HA. JU has been practicing Iyengar Yoga since 2005, studying under under the guidance of senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Noriko Enslin in Osaka. She also trained at the Iyengar Yoga institute in Bondi Junction, Sydney, and received her certification in July 2010.


Class      IYENGAR YOGA BASICS in English: teaches the basic yoga poses. Ideal for people who are new to yoga and open to all. Learn safely and methodically. The number of students is limited to 5 per class.

Fees       Monthly: 160,000 Won, 8 classes for 4 week (60minutes, Tuesday & Thursday)


The Zen Yoga center is conveniently located at 4/F Maronnier Tower, next to the 2 exit of the KyungSung University subway station.


For more information please contact us at 051-626-9065 or www.zenceter.co.kr