iPhone 5 locked to SK no Olleh?

According to this Apple website document http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1937 the new iPhone 5 will be locked to SK but will be available unlocked through Olleh.

Can anyone confirm this through an SK store?

I think this is strange because prior to the iPhone 5 it was the reverse, I remember the iPhone 4S being unlocked under contract through SK and locked through Olleh.

I need to know because I'm looking to upgrade to the new iPhone but am with SK and want it unlocked for when I travel.

Any help is appreciated

Re: iPhone 5 locked to SK no Olleh?

It is illegal to sell carrier locked cellphones in Korea. All iPhones, including iPhone 4S, sold by KT(Olleh) after 2010-2011ish is sold factory unlocked. This includes contract iPhones aswell as contractfree iPhones. iPhones purchased before tha law came in place can be unlocked by calling KT (olleh) on a tollfree number and requesting it to be unlocked. I researched this when I bought my iPhone 4S 2011-11-09 from KT (olleh). I have also successfully used it in China with a random SIMcard. If korea, highly unlikely, revoked the law after my purchase, it might be different. If you go to an in-official SK store the college drop-outs are going to tell you whatever makes you open your wallet.