(Indoor) tennis courts? Lessons? Groups?

Hey all,

I know there are a few posts on here about people getting together to play tennis, but they're all at least a year old, so I thought I'd bring this topic back to life.

Anyone know of a good spot to play tennis, especially indoors since winter is (or should be) coming? Or even outdoor courts that are open year round?

I'm also interested in taking some tennis lessons, preferably in English, if anyone can give me a heads up on that.

Lastly, if anyone would like to try and put a group together of tennis players, some of my friends, coworkers, and I might be up for that.


Re: (Indoor) tennis courts? Lessons? Groups?

Where? In Busan?

To my knowledge, there are no indoor courts in Busan. But, there are many outdoor courts. There are public and private courts all over the place. 

Let us know the area, if it is Busan, and I will try to point you towards some courts.


Re: (Indoor) tennis courts? Lessons? Groups?

Whoops! Sorry about that. Yes, I meant in Busan. I live in Gwangalli, so anywhere close by would be fantastic, but I'm willing to travel a bit within the city as well.

Re: (Indoor) tennis courts? Lessons? Groups?

I know there are instructors at the courts at Pukyong University, whether they speak English is another thing. But, like lots of activities here in Korea a lot trainers seem to know the basic English related to their particular sport, but don't expect a conversation. The courts are located next to the dorms. Turn right at the roundabout past the library and look for the 2 tall buildings.


Re: (Indoor) tennis courts? Lessons? Groups?

This is some of what I know about tennis courts in Busan:

Best free public courts in Busan are in the park behind LG Metro City. Google this - 용호종합사회복지관 - and you will see the location in maps. They have five good all-weather  astro courts that are well maintained. There is also a good practice wall.

PKNU has six sand clay surfaced courts. Though, they tend to be reserved for university people and the goundsman can get very tetchy about people playing on them.

There is a small tennis club with a couple of courts on the road from Samik New Beach Apartments to Gwangan Bridge. Again, sand clay courts. You have to join, but it is not expensive and they do offer lessons.

Other places across Busan include: 

Samrak Riverside Sports Park, Sasang, which has three free all weather courts at one end and a large club with pay-by-hour clay courts at the other end.

Busan Asiad Stadium, Sajik, in the park surrounding the area there are many sports facilities that includes clay courts. Again, you have to pay.

Geumjeong Sports Park, Dugu-dong, has lots of really great hard clay courts. You have to pay 12,000 per hour to use these courts. These are great courts but hard to get to without a car.

PNU and Tomyong University also have courts.

All courts tend to be very busy on the weekends and fairly busy in the afternoons. PKNU is used nearly every afternoon by the university professors from four till eight. This means, they play a lot of doubles because there are often too many players and not enough courts. Thus, if you want to get a court at any of these places, the best time to play is Monday to Friday before lunch.

I hope that helps.


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Please let me know if you are still looking for tennis lessons. I am available in the mornings until 12 noon. I do hitting lessons as well as lessons with instruction.

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I am interested in your comment.   I am Japanese woman.   I am going to live  in Busan from April. I am just  looking  for

tennis lesson  or  some groups  I can play tennis together. I have been playing tennis more than

10 years. I am going to live in Haeunde.  It is better if you give me tennis lesson around Haeunde.

please give me details about it.  Thanks.

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I am looking for tennis lessons and/or hitting partners for weekday mornings until noon. I live in Jansan, but I am willing to travel to facilities in Kyungsung. I have played competetively but am currently out of practice. If anyone is interested,

email me: [email protected]


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 I will give free lessons, but the nearest courts to me are near the Shinsagae shopping center in Jukjeon of Yongin City (Bundang).

It's super nice courts with free access. I just want to play and I'm a former USTA-junior player with a private coach in North Carolina. I'm born and bred in NY, went to HS in NC and college at NC State.

I'm a teacher.



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Hi John,

I will move to Busan next week. I always want to play tennis again. But I haven't had enough practise for over 2 year. I had taken only intensive course some years ago. So I hope I am not too lousy student for you. 

I am Chinese oringinal and lived in Finland for over 12 years. I just lived in Hong Kong for 1 year and will move to Busan for at least 2 years.

I hope we can agree on time of teaching from mid August.

Please drop an email to [email protected] if you are interested. Or could you send me your contact info so that I could contact you after I arrive to Busan?



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I am also looking for someone to teach me tennis or just hitting partner. I played for two years but i am still a beginner. I want to practice my forehand. I can't pay much money... just 50.000won/month for a coach haha. If you are bored and want some extra money for beer, then please reply.

I live in kyungsung and i played in kyungsung area on sunday morning or afternoon.

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Hi all,

I have also been looking to play some tennis in Busan. I've been playing for 12 years up through college, and I've taught tennis for about 4 years off and on in the US.  If there are any competitive players that want to hit, I'd love to play sometime. I live in the Gwangan/Suyoung area. I could potentially be willing to help out with lessons, so if you are interested in either feel free to send me a message!


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Hey guys,

It is hot here talking about tennis issue. I am one of players looking for place to play.  There is a indoor tennis court in Mangmi but for lady only.

I advertised at this site to organize Expat Tennis Club in Busan. Otherwise, you can not play it regularly nor improve your skill as well. There are four people to join now. We are negotiating to one club to rent a court or join.

When we have a club and court, we can keep our members playing regularly.

If you are interested in joining with us, we can make a power group in future meaning our own club with rent court.

One of good public court is BEXCO area. Monthly member fee is KRW40,000.

It is registering now for September 15-17PM court. We should repeat every month. Or, we may go other private court to rent.

Please send your opinion to my email [email protected]





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Hi.....I'm the one that struggle to find instructor tennis lesson in Busan. I have been in tennis lesson in Geoje. My instructor very good and i was very happy on that. And now i had move to live in Busan. And i think we are same problem.

Now i still looking and find out who can helping me off this situation. If you have infomation please share with me. And if i get some info , I promise to share with you too.

My No. 010-3403-2015

My email. [email protected].

Hope to keep intouch with you.



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Hi everyone, 

As an avid tennis fan, I am keenly interested in finding someone to hit with, preferably on a regular basis.  I have played off and on, sometimes competively but I'd rate my current playing skills to be around 3.5-4.0 per NTRP scale.  I just relocated to Busan about a week ago and am willing to hit indoors/outdoors.  I don't have a Korean number set up yet so if you are interested in casual hitting or match play, please shoot me an email at [email protected].  I am fully bi-lingual in Korean and English if that has any bearing.  For the record, I live in Seomyun(sp?) but am willing to travel and my schedule is flexible for the time being. 



Re: (Indoor) tennis courts? Lessons? Groups?


I just move from Shanghai to Seoul now. I am interested in tenis very much ,and usually I play tennis with my friends every week in shanghai. But now I need to find new friends or instructor to continue my tennis hobby.

I am not junior player. I have play tennis for 7 years. But without any professional experience. I do need an instructor to improve my skill.

my contact info is : [email protected]

and I live in Seoul .