India Vaccinations and Malaria Pills


My boyfriend and I are headed to India.  Does anyone have any information on where to get vaccinations

and malaria pills in Busan?  Any information would be helpful.  Thanks.

Re: India Vaccinations and Malaria Pills

Question was asked a couple of times so check out these former posts for recommendations.

I was also told there is a travel clinic near Suyeong rotary, but not sure where.

Malaria pills are available at all of these places, although what is available varies between each place.

Avoid Larium at all costs, it is known to give you crazy nightmares and can make you feel wretched. Personally I recommend Doxycycline, since it's relatively cheap and seems to have few if any side affects. Malarone is considered the best, not sure why, but it is also the most expensive. (Please note I have absolutely no medical background whatever, so this is only my opinion or what I've been told or read.)

You might also to consider Googling the availability and authenticity of medicine in India as it may be cheaper to buy it there. I always get mine from the country I am visiting, such as Thailand.