Icheon Ceramics Festival

I introduce Icheon Ceramics Festival

It opens Gyenggi Icheon and period is April or march

This festival  has been continued to be held since 1987

In festival

First we can look many kind of ceramic.( ex. clay ware , earthen ware , ston ware)

Second we can make ceramic in ceramic experience

Third  we can look samulnori(a folk music accompanied by four korean t

raditional instruments) amd we listen to korea tradictional music in the


forth we can buy famous ceramic

Inchen Ceramic Festival demand 5000 won for adult and 3000 won for

student.  If you come with more than 20 people,  you can get 50%


Hompage link : www.ceramic.or.kr

Re: Icheon Ceramics Festival

This looks like being a tremendous event. 

A friend of mine visited it a couple of years ago and really raved about it. Im wondering if anyone is organising a coach trip up there to take advantage of the group discount?