Hours per day overtime?

i have been working for a hagwon for many years and have not had any financial problems.  my contract (in english) reads that anything over 5 hours per day is overtime.  

i have some coworkers with the same contract, but they work at two different locations.   the problem that has occured is that my coworkers will work over 5 hours in one location one day and then work under 5 hours at another location another day. my boss is now trying to say he's not going to pay the overtime for the 5+ hour days.

i'm curious what can my coworkers do to make sure they are adequately compensated per their contract.

also is there a korean law for foreign teachers that says what is considered overtime in a single day?  

any and all knowledgable help would be great!

Re: Hours per day overtime?

What does the contract say about overtime?

Some say you will work 30 (or whatever) hours a week.  So the total of the hours over the week determin overtime.    4+6+5+5+5 = 30 + no overtime.

Others say 120 hours a month.  So add up all the hours over a month and subtract 120, thats your monthly overtime.  

If your contract says 5 hours a day, then anything over 5 hours is overtime pay.  



Re: Hours per day overtime?

i've been talking to a few people, and some think there is a law that says that anything over 6hrs (of class time) for a foreign teacher is considered overtime.  does anyone know if this is true?