Good Gyms or Fitness Centers

Does anyone know of a good fitness center, preferably near Yeonsan Dong?  Perhaps a place that's decently priced, decent equipment and a good sauna (jim-jil-bong).  Having trouble finding all 3 in one place. Thanks

Re: Good Gyms or Fitness Centers

Do you have basic Korean because if so these places are pretty easy to find if you use Naver maps.

1. Go to

2. Hopefully it should automatically find your location by IP address. If not type in 연산동헬 (Yeonsan Dong health)

3. Then cross reference with 연산동 찜질방 (Yeon San Dong Jimjilbang)

Print off a copy of both maps and go for a walk. Pretty soon you will find something. More often than not the ones that have everything are called something land or 해수랜드 (hae su land).